About Ashka

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the power that nature possesses. I would sit on our front verandah, with my Father, and watch beautiful storms roll through the valley below us in the New South Wales, Hunter Valley. As I grew I began developing an interest in herbalism and discovering the magic contained in various herbs and flowers. My Grandmother had the most wonderful cottage garden. I would cherish my visits with her, she would tell me stories about her beautiful garden inhabitants. If you sit and listen carefully, the plants will whisper their secrets to you, and they still do today. I was blessed to have two such earthly and creative people to influence the woman I would become.

I began making my products in 2016, to address my pain caused by an ankle injury and to also help my Husband with his dry sensitive skin. We were both sick of spending big money on products that just didn’t work. Each product I create draws on my life long understanding and passion for traditional natural remedies, combined with my science education. This allows me to create gentle products, that contain nature’s powerful properties.

I put the same passion and attention into helping customers find the ideal holistic solutions to create a healthy balance in their skin. I am happiest when I’m helping people and am always grateful for the love my formulations receive. 

Made with heart and hand,