About Panonia

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I'm Ashka, the creating force, and science lover, behind Panonia.

My products, like me, are aimed at helping people find comfort in their own skin. I don't rely on marketing hype or ingredient hysteria to do this. I draw from my client experiences in clinic and formulate cosmetics that deliver real results. When people feel confident and comfortable in their skin, I do a little happy dance. 

I am a Formulation Chemist who set out to create a range of products with purpose. Through my store, I met so many people with skin sensitivities and issues. This crossed me into working with people s a Holistic Skin Therapist. I believe that using topical applications to achieve glowing skin is only part of the equation. When skincare, diet and lifestyle are all addressed we can glow inside and out. I developed my approach after working with dozens of clients who suffered from various skin sensitivities. When a holistic approach was taken, each client experienced clearer skin, a reduction in stress and anxiety and a heightened feeling of wellness. 

I formulate Panonia's products to gently nurture and care for the skin, while utilising essential oils that help connect body and mind. I hand make every product myself in small batches from my Apothecary, located on the NSW Central Coast. This ensures that products are fresh and ingredients hold their maximum bioavailability of nutrients for the skin. 

If I can be of any help at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

I am here, after all, to help you GLOW!